Increase in Measles Cases - April 26, 2019


Having seen the news about the measles outbreak you might be asking whether you should get vaccinated. Please find below our summary that addresses most questions we've been getting in the last few weeks:


You do not need the MMR vaccine if:


In case none of the above applies to you, or you are unsure about your vaccination or immunity status:


  1. Please make an appointment with the office staff for a quick visit. 
  2. We will check your immunity status in your blood (no fasting needed) and let you know in 2-3 days in case you need the vaccination. 
  3. If it turns out that you do, we will send a vaccine order to your pharmacy where you will receive the vaccination.


Please note that this is a live vaccine, and ONLY those who DO NOT show immunity should be vaccinated.

Hence, we do not send vaccine orders to pharmacies without checking immunity in the blood first.

We also do not send laboratory orders to outside laboratories. Please also note that we will do our best to accommodate you for this quick visit as early as possible, but same day appointments might not always be available.


If you still have any questions regarding this message, please contact our office via phone (310 651 9017), the Patient Portal or the Healow app.